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Meet Seattle’s
2018 Tourism Ambassadors

Seattle’s 2018 class of Tourism Ambassadors uphold the highest standards of visitor service and proudly represent the regional tourism industry. They are selected by Visit Seattle partners who represent a cross section of the regional tourism industry.


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Ali Better // Christian Bouchez // Amanda Sullivan //Michael Embaye

Ali BetterAmos Morgan

Ali Better

Server | Six Seven Restaurant at The Edgewater Hotel

A 12-year veteran of the hotel and restaurant’s service team, Ali is known for her infectious smile and laugh, for inspiring her co-workers and going above and beyond to serve guests and brighten their stays in Seattle. Not to mention a love and encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock that she shares with one and all.


You’ve made a career out of above-and-beyond service. Why is service important?

Service is important to me because that is what my guests come for. They come to be spoiled and entertained. People want to feel special and cared for. There is nothing more important to me than to share kindness, make eye contact and be genuine. My income depends on the generosity of others. I want to earn every dollar.


What have you learned through your career here at the hotel and restaurant?

I have learned to be open minded. A smile, kindness and communication are key to every situation. Don’t assume. Don’t judge. Let your intentions be known and don’t be afraid to ask what is expected of you. Always use an open hand, speak first and last, have fun and do the right thing.


What has a career in restaurants and tourism contributed to your life?

I have been in restaurants and tourism for over three decades! It’s provided a decent living, incredible experiences, lifelong friends and stories to entertain you for hours!


You’re known by colleagues and customers alike for your vast knowledge of classic rock. When a song hits the restaurant’s music system, can anyone beat you in trivia?

I am the queen of classic rock. I feel like lyrics are telling the story of my life. Each song reminds me of a time, a place, a person.


What classic rock tune tells your story best?

The lyrics are from Tom Petty’s American Girl. They remind me of when I moved to Seattle. I took a greyhound bus the day after high school graduation. The SuperSonics had just won the championship, and the energy and happiness in the city really influenced a naïve, sheltered country girl. I’m no longer naïve or sheltered. Most importantly, I’m still in love with Seattle!


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