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Meet Seattle’s
2018 Tourism Ambassadors

Seattle’s 2018 class of Tourism Ambassadors uphold the highest standards of visitor service and proudly represent the regional tourism industry. They are selected by Visit Seattle partners who represent a cross section of the regional tourism industry.


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Ali Better // Christian Bouchez // Amanda Sullivan //Michael Embaye

Amanda SullivanAmos Morgan

Amanda Sullivan

Lead Server | Canlis

An iconic Seattle restaurant acclaimed worldwide for extraordinary service – that’s Amanda Sullivan’s playing field each night. She excels through her deep knowledge of food and wine, reverence of tradition and passion for introducing her out-of-town guests to the city she loves.


How do you prepare yourself for an evening at the restaurant?

I’ll start my preparation process about an hour or two before service. It begins by checking our employee blog to check for changes, look over and refresh food, beverage and history knowledge and also say hi to every one of my fellow employees that day. It’s about refreshing my knowledge for the evening and also connecting with my team. Not only that, I spend my days off exploring and connecting with what is happening in my city.


Where do your guests come from and what do they ask about – food, wine, the city?

My guests come from all around the world. Each guest is special and they normally ask questions pertaining to what interests them. Sometimes it is food preparation or sourcing, Canlis history, art, architecture, beverages special to Washington (coffee or wine anyone?), where to go in the city so they don’t miss a thing Seattle has to offer – or even my personal story!


How does a career in restaurants and tourism benefit you and what have you learned?

My entire life I have searched for a community, a place that is fitting to me. I found that at Canlis. Canlis keeps me connected to the rich history of our city. The more time I spend with guests that have built this city and the ones that are visiting, it the more I realized I found a home that I am proud to stand by.


How did you land a position at one of nation’s top restaurants?

I was stuck in a serving job that was not fitting. I was working hard but was losing sight of what it meant for me to care for people and also care for myself. One of my friends who was working as a host at the first time had seen my decline and had asked me to come to Canlis and see if I’d like to apply for a job. I sat in the bar for a couple of hours and got lost in a conversation about food and life with a bartender and lost track of time. The minute I heard about the mission statement, “living out and growing the idea that it’s worth putting other people first,” I knew I had found a home!



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