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Meet Seattle’s
2018 Tourism Ambassadors

Seattle’s 2018 class of Tourism Ambassadors uphold the highest standards of visitor service and proudly represent the regional tourism industry. They are selected by Visit Seattle partners who represent a cross section of the regional tourism industry.


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Ali Better // Christian Bouchez // Amanda Sullivan //Michael Embaye

Michael EmbayeAmos Morgan

Michael Embaye

Welcome Ambassador | W Seattle

Michael has been the recipient of the “Talent of the Month” award many times at the W Seattle since he started working there in 2005. He is known as a team player among staff and is equally popular with guests who regularly rave with comments and gestures of appreciation.


You emigrated from East Africa 20 years ago. Why did you choose to live in Seattle?

Seattle is a really good place to live. It’s beautiful, clean, surrounded by mountains, Snoqualmie Falls, places you can walk, climb, hike. And Puget Sound; you can almost hear the water say, “welcome to Seattle.” It’s a multicultural city with people from all over the world are here. It’s my home town. That’s why I love Seattle.


How did you get a job at the W Seattle?

It was 1999. I was walking around downtown and saw that the W was so crowded and I said, “Wait a minute, Michael, what is this place? People are happy.” So I asked them about applying for a job and they said they were hiring. I got a job within two weeks and started with valet parking. And I worked almost seven years there, liked it very well, but then the hotel said I had great customer service and asked if I’d like to come work inside. So I started right away as a Welcome Ambassador. I love the people and have a really good time. I still love my job!


What’s the best part of your job?

It really makes me happy when people from all over the world visit. I like to help greet them make their first impressions good ones. At the W, it’s “whatever, whenever.” So, we do anything to help the guests. Helping the guests to their rooms and handling all the details inside the rooms. I also make recommendations about Seattle for them, or directions, how to get to their car, to the airport, even helping them with boarding passes. We try to make it easy for them.


What has working in this industry taught you?

The W is about team work. I love it. And relationships with people.


How did it feel to become a Tourism Ambassador and be recognized on stage in front of the tourism industry?

You know what, I felt like I was in Hollywood. When I had that trophy in my hand and I looked up and saw the smiling faces in the audience, I said, wow, I feel like the American Idol. For me, this is a big morale booster. It’s great to get recognition from the hotel also and makes me feel even more excited to give service to people.



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